Eurostat: Albania and Bosnia the poorest countries in Europe

According to the latest Eurostat data, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second poorest country in Europe, with only Albanian citizens having a lower living standard, while Serbia stands at 52 percent of the European average.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is below 50 percent of the European average standard, at 41 percent, and is ranked better only than Albania, which is at 39 percent of the European Union average,” according to Eurostat.

Among the countries in the region, Montenegro ranks the best with 60 percent compared to the EU average, followed by Serbia with 52 percent, North Macedonia with 49 percent, while Bulgaria is at the bottom of the EU, at 63 percent of the EU average.

“At the EU level, Luxembourg had the highest living standard last year, 46 percent above the European average, followed by Denmark and Germany with a standard 1/5 above,” the analysis says. It adds that the closest to the EU average are also Italy, Lithuania and Cyprus, while the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Romania are on average 15 percent behind.

Croatia is in the group of EU countries with a low living standard, expressed in real individual consumption per capita, as it stands at 27 percent below the European average.

(Biznis i Finansije, 28.06.2022)


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