European Parliament’s resolution on Serbian election results will be harsh

Members of the European Parliament (EP) will most probably vote on a resolution on the Serbian December 17 elections at a plenary session on February 7.

An anonymous source in Brussels told Demostat that the EP document would be “unfavourable for the Serbian government.”

“The resolution on Serbia will be harsh, this time we are going all the way,” the Demostat research and publishing centre was told.

The source said the Serbian students of the Borba (Struggle) movement who visited Brussels this week “left an excellent impression” on members of the European Union (EU) institutions they spoke with.

“They gave concrete examples of violations of the electoral process, and of police brutality at the protests held after the elections,” it added.

Prior to the adoption of a resolution, the international election observation mission (OSCE/ODIHR) will publish its final report on the Serbian elections.

On the other hand, President Aleksandar Vučić said that the MEPs who criticized the election process in Serbia – Viola von Cramon, Klemen Grošelj, Andreas Schieder and Stefan Schennach – “hate Serbia”.

According to the observers’ preliminary findings, though technically well-administered, the December 17 elections were held in unjust conditions.

(Danas, 26.01.2024)

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