European Parliament adopts resolution on Serbia

Members of the European Parliament have adopted in Brussels a resolution which says that Serbia has made progress in economic reforms and that it was crucial that tangible results were achieved in judicial reform, fight against corruption and media freedoms.

The European Parliament has also adopted six of the eight proposed amendments to the document compiled by European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia, David McAllister. 

The amendment no. 2, which relates to unacceptable tax procedures, liquidation and bankruptcy of private companies, was not adopted, just like the eighth amendment, submitted by MEP Monica Macovei, referring to the call to Serbia not to extradite political indictees to countries where there is a risk of torture and inhuman treatment.

The adopted resolution “welcomes Serbia’s continued engagement on the road to joining the European Union.” 

It also highlights “some progress” in judicial reform and asks that the Serbian authorities speed up the rule of law reforms, in particular, to ensure the independence and efficiency of the judiciary and strengthen the fight against corruption. 

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The resolution relies on and considers this year’s European Commission’s Progress Report on Serbia and welcomes efforts to normalize relations with Pristina, with the view that “any agreement on this can be acceptable only if both sides agree on it and if it preserves the stability of the region and international law.” 

MEPs “point to ongoing debate and statements on possible border corrections between Serbia and Kosovo, including land swaps” and “emphasize the multinational structure of Kosovo and Serbia,” saying that “ethnically clean countries should not be the goal in the region.” 

This document “underlines the importance of creating the association/community of municipalities with a Serb majority” in Kosovo, and the implementation of all agreements, including the agreement on energy. 

Speaking of the possibility of Serbia opening new chapters in EU accession negotiations, the EP rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister said: “Serbia is making good progress on its strategic goal to join the EU with 14 negotiation chapters now opened, two of them being provisionally closed. With all energy focused on adopting and implementing reforms, in particular in the rule of law chapters and on the normalisation of relations with Kosovo, more chapters could be opened in the months to come. The European Parliament stands ready to further support Serbia on its European path.”

The document “irrevocably condemns the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic and stresses the necessity of cooperation between Kosovo and Serbian investigators, as well as international support, in order to bring perpetrators of the murder to justice.” 

Serbia is urged to gradually harmonize its foreign and security policy with EU policy, including the policy towards Russia, and to align its visa regime with the EU gradually.

(N1, 29.11.2018)



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