European intelligence has three favourites for the position of Serbian PM

Several European intelligence services have drafted a document for the European External Action Service (EEAS), which mentions, among other things, potential candidates for Serbia’s new PM. All three are senior Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) officials.

In the analysis, European intelligence services predict that tensions within the SNS party will increase during the distribution of power and that the composition of the future government will be a clear indicator of the direction of Serbia’s foreign policy will take.

The paper states that the future prime minister will come from the ranks of the SNS party. Sinisa Mali, the current finance minister and former mayor of Belgrade, is mentioned first as a possible candidate. He is one of Aleksandar Vučić’s closest associates and has been involved in several scandals – from the destruction of the Savamala quarter in Belgrade to allegedly owning 24 apartments in Bulgaria. The University of Belgrade stripped him of his doctorate after it was confirmed that he had plagiarized his thesis.

According to European intelligence, Nikola Selaković, current Minister of Foreign Affairs, also has a chance to become the new PM. He is also a loyal associate of Aleksandar Vučić, who previously served as Secretary General to the President of Serbia and Minister of Justice. A special paragraph is devoted to Nikola Selaković’s career. The paper also says that if he does not become prime minister, then he will have an important ministerial position or will remain in the same position he is in now.

The analysis also does not rule out Ana Brnabić, the current PM, although she seems to have less chance than Mali and Selaković. It is expected that she could become the Speaker of the Serbian Assembly or an ambassador. Previously, there was speculation that she could be Serbia’s new ambassador to the United States.

According to announcements by the President of Serbia, the new government will have been formed by the end of July, and it has not yet been revealed whether the two parties – SNS and SPS – will form it together.

(Nova, 08.06.2022)


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