European Commission to examine Croatian import fees on Monday

European Commission says that it is currently reviewing the situation following Croatia drastically raising inspection fees for the import of fruits and vegetables from third countries, including Serbia, and confirms that it will give a statement regarding this on Monday.

The official Brussels has invited all the parties concerned to adhere to their commitments and adds: “The EU supports promotion of trade and economic integration. We have been in contact with the governments of all countries involved in this case, and we are currently assessing the situation”, the European Commission’s spokesperson said in a statement for the Tanjug news wire.

Tanjug’s sources at the Commission say that the EU experts and the regional ministers in charge of trade and implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement have been already in contact and that a joint press conference will be held on Monday in an effort to clarify the whole situation.

Brussels also says that they expect Zagreb to official state their case apropos the new inspection fees on the import of fruits and vegetables from the so-called third countries, which include Serbia.

To remind, Croatia has raised the inspection fees for imported fruits and vegetables 22 times which caused a wave of protests in the neighbouring countries.

Following this, the Serbian government sent a protest note to the European Commission demanding an explanation for such a decision made by an EU country which is also a signatory of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

(RTV, 03.08.2017)

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