European Commission: Optimism of business people and the confidence index of Serbian companies increase

According to a European Commission study published yesterday, the optimism of Serbian business people and their expectations regarding future grew in September 2020 compared to the previous month.

The business confidence index in Serbia, calculated by the Commission, went from 82.7 points in August to 89.8 points in September, according to a survey published on the official website of the EC.

The indicator of new employment expectations among business people in Serbia also jumped from the August level by 102.1 points to 109.6 points in September.

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Business confidence in Serbian industry also improved significantly, as the index moved from minus 3.1 points in August to minus 1.6 points this month, while in the service sector, business expectations jumped from minus 18.9 points last month to minus 10.4 in September.

The Serbian Consumer Confidence Index also rose to 6.2 points in September from 4.0 points in August, while in the retail sector business sentiment grew from minus 5.1 points to August to a positive index in September of plus 1.9 points.

Only the construction sector grew more pessimistic in September, considering that the business sentiment in the construction segment fell to minus 7.1 points from the level of minus 3.2 points in August.

(eKapija, 29.08.2020)

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