Europe Elects: “”Vučić 52%, Ponoš 28%, Jovanović 5%”

According to Europe Elects’ forecast and pending elections this coming Sunday, Aleksandar Vučić would win 52% of the votes in the presidential election, Zdravo Ponoš 28% and Miloš Jovanović 5%.

Vučić is also listed as the candidate of the EPP (the European People’s Party), of which his party, SNS, is an associate member, while Ponoš, candidate of the Ujedinjena Srbija coalition, which belongs to the group of European Socialists and Democrats.

Europe Elects also gives a forecast for the Belgrade elections and says that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would win 43% of the votes, Ujedinjena Srbija 27%, the Moramo coalition 11% and the SPS-JS coalition 5%. The forecast for the parliamentary elections sees the SNS winning 45% of the votes, Ujedinjena Srbija 20%, Moramo 6% and the SPS-JS coalition also 6%.

Europe Elects is one of the market leaders in the analysis of polls and election data in Europe. This German start-up contextually analyzes data from 204,000 followers (updated May 28, 2021) from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube and media reports from Al Jazeera, Euronews, the Heinrich Bell Foundation, the University of Georgia and other major international players.

(Danas, 29.03.2022)

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