EUR 250 million for the new national stadium

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that EUR 250 million from the 2020 state budget would be allocated for the construction of a national stadium and that he expected the stadium’s designer to be selected in the upcoming days, as the tendering procedure is about to end.

“Four bids have been submitted. The project will revive this part of Belgrade, as the master plan covers an area of 600 hectares. It will feature residential and business areas, amusement parks, etc. Sport is no longer just sport, but business as well,” Minister Mali told the Kurir daily.

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According to him, “nine new stadiums are being built in towns throughout Serbia, six of which will be built in the first stage”.

The Minister of Finance also said that the football stadium will be multifunctional in nature, that negotiations are underway with global companies from different business segments, which want to invest significant amounts money in the areas around the stadium, and that the whole concept involves a combination of investments in industry, tourism, technology, entertainment, culture and residential construction.  

He also said that the construction would be completed in two and a half to three years.

 “It’s not as big investment considering the benefits it will bring. The plan is to make the whole city within the stadium. There will be exhibition, cultural and concert venues, water parks, but also a technology park that will house major global retailers. We are already negotiating with IKEA and KAUFMANN who are very interested in being part of the whole complex. There will also be a lot of office space and an apartment block,” the Minister added.

The stadium will have 10,500 parking spots.

(, 25.12.2019)


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