EUR 2,100 subsidy for replacing old diesel- and petrol-powered cars

Owners of diesel- and petrol-powered cars will soon be eligible for a 2,100-euro-state-subsidy for the purchase of a new or used car with the Euro 6 engine if they hand over their old cars for recycling.

This means that drivers who own vehicles with Euro 1, Euro 2 or Euro 3 engines, regardless of their age and value, will be able to deregister them, that is, hand them over to the state authorities.

According to the authorities, this would reduce the emission of air pollutants and make it easier for drivers to purchase younger, safer or new cars.

According to the Air Protection Programme, subsidies will be given for the replacement of 140,200 diesel vehicles, but this also includes subsidies for light trucks and buses, for which, depending on the category, the owners can get between 2,500 or 2,900 euros per vehicle.

Mirko Koković from the Traffic Safety Agency confirms all the legal acts for the implementation of this programme are ready and the campaign should be launched in two to three weeks.

Koković also announces that recycling will not only apply to diesel engines, but also to vehicles with petrol-powered engines and that a public call for recyclers will be published in the coming period.

Considering there has been a decline in sales of used cars in 2023, the question is whether car owners have enough money to add to the amount of the subsidy and buy a car with the Euro 6 engine, as well as whether it is really worth it for everyone to give up their cars for recycling.

Boris Ćorović, Secretary General of the Serbian Association of Importers of Vehicles and Auto Parts, explains that the Euro 6 standard includes cars manufactured in 2014 or later, and that they are more environmentally friendly.

“Drivers can choose between a new or a used car. Currently, we are waiting for the relevant rulebook/by-law to be drafted, which defines the implementation of this programme. When the by-law is adopted, the programme should come into force”, says Ćorović.

​”It is realistic to expect that the subsidy beneficiaries will be drivers whose cars have a market value of 2,100 euros or less. There are used vehicles that, even though they are old, have a market value of 3,000 euros or more, and the owners will rather decide to sell them than give them up for recycling,” he explains.

According to the current offer on the Polovni Automobili (Used Cars() website, the prices of the 2014 hatchbacks generally range between 8,000 and 12,000 euros, while SUVs and sedans are more expensive. Ćorović says that Euro 6 standard cars can still be purchased for 7,000 euros.

(Danas, 30.01.2024)

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