EU to relax restrictions o non-essential travels for Western Balkan nationals too

The European Commission (EC) proposed on Monday that the European Union member states relax the current restrictions on non-essential travel into the Union, taking into account the progress of vaccination campaigns and developments in the epidemic situation worldwide.

„The Commission proposes that member states lift restrictions on non-essential travel for vaccinated persons travelling to the EU. This reflects the latest scientific advice showing that vaccination considerably helps to break the transmission chain,“ the EC said in a statement.

Serbia could soon be among the safe countries whose citizens would be allowed into the European Union since the epidemic situation was getting better, an EC official told Radio Freee Europe (RFE) later on Monday.

“Looking at the positive epidemic situation, I could soon see Serbia as an acceptable country,” an unnamed EC official said.

He hasn’t specified whether Serbia’s citizens who received the Russian and Chinese vaccines would be allowed into the EU since the two haven’t yet been recognised by the EU’s relevant medical bodies.

It added, „this could be extended to vaccines having completed the (World Health Organisation) WHO emergency use listing process. In addition, the Commission proposes to raise, in line with the evolution of the epidemic situation in the EU, the threshold related to the number of new COVID-19 cases used to determine a list of countries from which all travel should be permitted. This should allow the Council to expand this list.“

(, 03.05.2021)




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