EU: Serbia getting better at using pre-accession funds

Vice-Chair of the EU Committee on Budgetary Control, Derek Vaughan says that Serbia has made progress in using pre-accession funds (IPA funds) and that it is successfully meeting the EU goals in terms of spending these funds.

At a press conference in Belgrade, Vaughan also commended infrastructure projects in Serbia, adding that he was impressed with the reconstruction after the catastrophic 2014 flooding which, as he said, was the perfect example how the IPA funds could help ordinary people and local communities. According to Vaughan, Serbia has used over a billion euros of IPA funds so far.

Although, that is a lot of money, there is still room for improvement and using more funds which would facilitate implementation of more projects, particularly those closely connected to the EU accession talks.

A member of the European Parliament and European Court of Auditors, Szabolcs Fazekas said that IPA funds could be used for many other things, not just infrastructure. They could be used for adoption of laws, implementation of reforms, fighting corruption, fiscal goals and supporting the rule of the law. He also said that the European Court of Auditors found no fault at how Serbia was using the IPA funds, that all of the programmes were being realized according to plan, and that Serbian State Audit Institution was functioning in line with the highest standards.

(, 18.07.2017)

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