EU criticizes Kosovo for closing branches of Serbian banks

The European Union expressed concern over the Kosovo police raids on Serbian Postal Savings Bank (Poštanska Štedionica) branches in majority-Serb municipalities in northern Kosovo, warning that they were escalating the situation.

“The European Union noted with concern Monday’s police operation at the offices of the Serbian Postal Savings Bank in the north of Kosovo,” a statement said. “Monday’s operation proves again that Kosovo authorities prioritise unilateral and uncoordinated actions rather than cooperation with its friends and allies,” it added.

It added that “the closure and confiscation of these offices without prior notice or coordination and only a few days after the last Dialogue meeting, which also covered the question of the premises of the Postal Savings Bank, is escalatory and goes against the spirit of normalisation and it undermines Kosovo’s good faith in achieving normalisation of relations through the Dialogue”.

The statement said that the repeated uncoordinated actions by one of the parties put the implementation of the Agreement on the Path to Normalisation at risk. “The operation by the Kosovo Police also jeopardises the ongoing negotiations on a temporary solution for people negatively affected by the regulation of the Kosovo Central Bank on cash operations,” it said and added warned of “negative effects on the daily lives and living conditions of Kosovo Serbs and other communities eligible for financial transfers from Serbia”.

(Voice of America, 21.05.2024)

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