EU and World Bank to finance Serbian start-up community

In the presence of President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and President of the European Council Charles Michel, an agreement was signed which will enable joint financing of Serbian researchers and the start-up community by the European Union and the World Bank in the total amount of €84.5 million.

The agreement was signed at the Belgrade Science and Technology Park by Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Emanuel Giaufret and representative of the World Bank to Serbia Dusan Vasiljevic.

From the project’s total value, the EU will donate €41.5 million, whereas the World Bank will give a €43 million loan. The project will be implemented in association with the Serbian Science Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The Serbian President underlined that in the first three months of this year our country made exports in the IT sector in the amount of approximately €600 million.

He said that one more building needs to be built for the Belgrade Science and Technology Park as four years ago there were only twenty or so innovative companies, while today there are approximately 120.

Brnabic stated that investments in science and new technologies will continue and announced that this year, the total export of Serbia’s ICT sector will stand at €2.5 billion, with a surplus of €1.5 billion, by which the export goal of this sector will be achieved.

Now the focus is on the development of artificial intelligence, bioengineering and biomedicine, the Prime Minister pointed out and added that four campuses will be built in which these technologies will be developed over the next four years.

(N1, 19.05.2022)


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