Escobar: “The new Serbian government will impose sanctions on Russia”

US envoy Gabriel Escobar voiced hope that Serbia’s new government will impose sanctions on Russia.

Speaking at the Southeastern Europe Democracy Summit (SEE|DEM) in Montenegro, the US Special Representative to the Western Balkans recalled that virtually every Western Balkan country agreed on the way to make Russia pay the price for its invasion through sanctions and support Ukraine and its people.

He also expressed the hope that Serbia will align with the sanctions once its new government is formed.

The U.S. envoy for the Balkans welcomed the fact that both the EU and NATO have reaffirmed the open-door policy: “I think it’s important for the EU to reaffirm its open door policy. That policy not only refers to Ukraine and other countries at risk, but also reminds us that six other countries are in line before Ukraine.”

Escobar underlined that the Western Balkan countries have made “tremendous progress” and implemented “impressive reforms”. He also expressed hope that Europe will put into practice what it says when it comes to the European integration of the Western Balkans.

(Vesti Online, 31.05.2022)

Photo credits: EPA/Georgi Licovski


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