Erdogan’s invites Vucic to official opening of TANAP

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic and Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan agree that the relations between the two countries are successfully developing and can be even better, while Vucic accepted the invitation of the Turkish President to attend the opening ceremony of the TANAP gas pipeline on 12th June.

Vucic spoke on the phone with Turkish President Erdogan, and in a long and friendly conversation, they discussed the economic and political relations between Serbia and Turkey – the president’s media office said.

President Erdogan also invited Vucic to attend a grand opening the TANAP gas pipeline, which will take place in Eskişehir on 12th June. Vucic accepted Erdogan’s invitation and will have a one-day official visit to Turkey.

Vucic went to Turkey just over a month ago, on 6th and 7th May 6, when Erdogan personally met him at the airport in Istanbul.

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During the two-day visit to Ankara, several agreements on cooperation between Serbia and Turkey were signed.

Vucic then said that the Turkish leader was the most responsible for the rapid development of the two countries’ cooperation, and pointed out that Turkey was “the strongest power” in the Balkans, and important for our country.

Vucic also said that, on the occasion, Erdogan invited all investors from his country to invest in Serbia as much as possible.

Erdogan said his country’s goal was for the external trade with Serbia to reach five billion dollars, and added that he would continue to work on strengthening stability and peace in the Balkans, despite those who were bothered by that.

During the Ankara visit, the Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining, Aleksandar Antic underlined the importance of developing strong relations with Turkey in the field of energy too.

Antic also said that Turkey was becoming one of the key gas hubs for supplying primarily South East Europe.

It was announced that the TANAP gas pipeline connecting the Caspian Basin to the south-eastern Europe will be put into operation in the next few weeks, and that the Turkish Stream project is under development too, all of which makes Turkey a key transit country for gas.

“There will be serious projects implemented in Turkey that will affect the gas supply of this part of Europe, especially the Western Balkans,” said Antic.

(Politika, 03.06.2018)


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