Equipment for production of electric cars arrives in Kragujevac

The President of the Independent Trade Union of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA), Saša Đorđević, has confirmed that part of the new equipment for the production of electric cars has arrived in the Kragujevac factory.

He told Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) that the installation of the equipment is in progress, and the equipment will be initially used to produce car parts for the Stellantis factory in Slovakia.

Đorđević expects that another contingent of equipment will arrive during the next year so that everything will be ready for the production of a new electric car in Kragujevac in 2024.

The Stellantis Group, of which Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is a part, and the Government of Serbia reached an agreement in April of this year on financing the production of an electric car that will be manufactured in Kragujevac.

In late October, the first group of about 20 Fiat workers returned to Kragujevac, after three months of work in the Stellantis factory in Slovakia.

“The workers who returned to Kragujevac after three months of work in the Trnava factory will start working in our production plant the next month, primarily on preparing the production hall for the installation of equipment for the start of electric car production, announced for the third quarter of 2024,” said Đorđević.

(, 30.11.2022)

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