EPS to build a wind park in Kostolac with the help of KfW

Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) and German development bank, KfW have signed an agreement stipulating the bank lending 80mln EUR to EPS for construction of a wind farm in Kostolac.

Acting Director General of EPS, V Milorad Grcic said that the wind farm’s capacity wouldl be 66 megawatts, which equals the electricity consumption of about 30,000 households.

“It will cost around 97 million EUR to build this wind farm. 80 million EUR will come from from German bank, of which one million euros are non-refundable, while EPS will provide about 15 million EUR from its own budget. The construction should begin in 2019, and the first kilowatt of electricity will be produced in 2020”, said Grcic.

Serbian Minister of Mining Minister and Energy, Aleksandar Antic underlined that renewable energy sources had no alternative. “It is important that EPS, as the biggest energy company in this part of Europe, joins such renewable energy projects. Our goal is to secure at least 27% of the produced energy from renewable sources by 2020”, said Antic.

He adds that for now, 100 megawatts of electricity are produced from renewable sources, while 500 megawatt renewable energy facilities are being built.

According to EPS, the plan is to build 20 pillars with wind turbines on the wind farm, and these will be built in the area close to pit mines and landfills of one of EPS’ companies, TE-KO Kostolac.

The pillars will be 117 meters high, with the radius of 63 meters, so the overall height of the wind turbine will be 180 meters. Pillars with wind generators will be placed in four locations – Klenovnik, Chirikovac, Petka and Drmno.

(Blic, 29.11.2017)



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