EPS the most profitable company, RTB Bor the biggest

The national electric power company EPS was the largest enterprise in Serbia in 2018 with business revenues of 263.9 bln dinars, which is a 4.7 pct increase year on year, the Serbian Business Registers Agency announced Wednesday.

The EPS revenues make up 2.5 pct of the business revenues generated by the entire economy, a press conference was told following the release of a list of Serbia’s Top 100 companies in 2018.

The petroleum company NIS was the most successful company in the country, ranking second in terms of business revenues with 258.5 bln dinar revenues, which is a 19.8 pct rise y-o-y.

In the group of companies with the highest net profits resulting from FDI, Bor-based Zijin Mining (the former mining and smelting complex RTB) led the pack with 90.05 bln dinars.

Significantly higher than last year’s 975 mln dinars, the amount accounts for 12.1 pct of the total net profits generated by all companies last year. 

With net profits of 53.1 bln dinars, Nikola Tesla Airport is in second and Padinska Skela-based Al Dahra Serbia (the former agricultural complex PKB) is in third with net profits of 12.1 bln dinars.

“The influx of foreign direct investments is growing year by year,” Registrar at the Registry of Financial Statements and Credit Ratings, Ruzica Stamenkovic

As she said, the first 100 companies generate 30.8 per cent of business income of the whole of Serbia, 47.3 per cent of the country’s net profit, as much as 60.3 per cent of the net loss of the whole economy, and 41.1 per cent of business assets in the total economy.

More than half of the capital is generated by the top 100 companies, as are losses, and one-quarter of all employees in Serbia work for the top 100 companies on the list.

As for the payment of claims and settling financial obligations, the highest financial discipline is seen in the top companies the highest business income, and they collected their claims in 51 days and paid their liabilities in 73 days, she said.

When it came to EPS, this company had a net profit of 1.58 billion dinars, down 53.2%.

The company also had the largest financial resources and employed the highest number of workers – 25,761.

(Blic, 04.09.2019)


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