EPS no longer wants to be a public enterprise

The Supervisory Board of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) has given a green light to the proposal on changing its legal form into a joint-stock company, the proposal of the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the proposal of the Joint-Stock Company Articles of Incorporation.

The next step is for EPS to ask the Serbian government, as its founder, to agree to the company changing its legal status from a public enterprise to a joint-stock company.

The adopted proposal envisages for EPS to continue operating as a non-public joint-stock company and to stop operating as a public enterprise.

The basic capital of EPS is to be turned into equity capital, and the state is envisaged to become the absolute owner of all 36,510,509 shares.

EPS’ basic capital stands at RSD 365 billion. Of that, the monetary share is RSD 4.2 billion, whereas the non-monetary share is RSD 360.9 billion.

The expected effects of EPS’ transformation from a public enterprise into a joint-stock company are reaching maximum efficiency of operations and the establishment of an efficient management system.

(eKapija, N1, 13.12.2022)


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