EPS: New electricity reading contract with controversial consortium

BIRN claims that EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) launched in April 2017 another tender for selecting a company to read electricity metres although it had concluded a contract with a consortium of companies, with Sequester at its helm, only seven months ago.

The winner of the news tender is the same consortium that won the tender in August 2016, i.e. the same consortium that breached the previous contract in two instances – the data on consumed electricity, that they had compiled, led to a higher electricity bills, and they did not read all of the electricity metres.

“The reasons why EPS launched a new tender are not all too clear considering that the previous contract stipulated a two-year-cooperation”, BIRN reports.

Sequester’s representatives say that there is nothing irregular about the new tender, while the Chairman of EPS’ Supervisory Board, Branko Kovacevic said that the previous contract was broken off after it was ascertained that the consortium did not do its job properly.

„Тhe last tender fell through because of the problems with augmented electricity bills which led to us breaking off the contract with the consortium“, Kovacevic explains.

On the other hand, Dejan Jeremic, which is at the helm of the consortium that won at both tenders, refutes the claims made by Kovacevic.

“The claims made by professor Kovacevic are not true, not in the slightest. There was no breaking off the contract but rather the previous contract was valid for two years providing they were enough funds allocated in line with the Law on Public Procurements. Since the budgeting, stated in the contract, expired in May, the contract ended and a new public procurement was launched”, Jeremic adds.

EPS’ acting CEO, Milorad Grcic has not replied to BIRN’s questions as yet although they were emailed to him six days ago.

Although, the new tender was launched, the terms and conditions of the new contract are identical to that from 2018 – i.e. the consortium will charge 39.99 dinars per read electricity metre.

In January 2017, BIRN reported that the price of 39.99 dinars was at least twice higher than what had been paid for that kind of service before (i.e. 10 dinars per electricity metre in urban areas, and 30 dinars per electricity metre in rural areas).

According to the new contract this price is now the same, regardless of where a metre is located.  

(Newsweek, 13.07.2017)


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