EPS increases electricity price for SMEs by 18%

As of 1st January, 2018, small and medium enterprises in Serbia will pay 18% for electricity, providing they consume more than 350 megawatt hours annually.

EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) has sent out letters to the addresses of SMEs in Serbia informing them that “in accordance with the current price forming policy and the market situation, the electricity price has been corrected for small commercial consumers”. So, as of 1st January, the price of a megawatt hour at a higher tariff will be 55.84 EUR, and 35.41 EUR for a lower tariff. The price for consumers with one-tariff metres will be 50.26 EUR per megawatt.

These prices do not include excise tax and VAT and are paid in dinar counter value at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia.

The electricity market in Serbia has been opened since January 1, 2015, which means that all electricity consumers now have the right to choose a supplier. However, in practice, this applies only to commercial consumers while electricity price for citizens is still regulated and supplied only by EPS. Companies that are not happy with the price offered by EPS can look for another supplier. However, EPS still supplies 90% of the market of commercial electricity customers in Serbia.

According to the data collated by Eurostat, Croatian companies pay 28.6% higher electricity price than Serbian. The Serbian power market is also open to individual consumers / households but since the current prices of the power suppliers in Serbia, apart from EPS, are much higher than EPS’, most of the individual consumers are sticking with EPS.

(Danas, 28.11.2017)



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