EPS could lay off 16,000 workers

Representatives of one wing of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Trade Union, led by former trade union president Milan Đorđević, said that they were very dissatisfied with the initiative put forward by the Ministry of Mining and Energy to change the company’s Articles of Association, according to which the only member of the Shareholders’ Assembly would be the Energy Minister Dubravka Đedović.

Minister Đedović, as a representative of the owner of EPS, that is the Serbian government, was the only person authorized not only to appoint the company’s CEO but also the executive directors, which is a precedent in companies of this type and violates the discretionary right of the head of the company to choose their closest associates.

The trade union also notes that the Ministry of Mining and Energy has requested that EPS, after being transformed into a joint stock company, should only engage in the production and sale of electricity. Trade unionists claim that this would be a step toward the shutdown of the company’s mining and thermal power sectors and would cause excessive electricity imports, which would cost a fortune.

“In the event that the line ministry continues to insist on implementing such a solution and refuses to compromise, this would mean that the company would be absolutely mismanaged and it would prepare the ground for the shutdown of thermal power plants and coal mines across Serbia. In other words, out of about 20,000 workers, 16,000 of them would be laid off. That would be a huge disaster and we will not allow it. If the EPS’ management fulfils the Ministry of Mining and Energy’s demands, we will organize an immediate work stoppage and start a general strike in order to prevent it”, Đorđević warns.

(Danas, 29.03.2023)


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