EPS appoints three Norwegians as members of its Supervisory Board

Serbia’s state-owned electricity producer Elektroprivreda Srbije (the Electric Power Industry of Serbia – EPS) has a new supervisory board.

Its members will be experts from Norway Oluf Ulseth, Per Sanderud and Hilde Bakken, and three from Serbia –  Vladan Živanović, Dejan Ostojić and Igor Petković, while Miodrag Ranković will represent the company’s workers. This is a new step in transforming EPS after changing its status from a public enterprise to a joint stock company and introducing a new Articles of Association, the Ministry of Mining and Energy said.

Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović, who represents the government of Serbia in the shareholder assembly, introduced the new members of the Supervisory Board of EPS. Appointing top professionals from Serbia and the world opens a new era for the company, which has all the conditions to be strong, modern and successful and a regional leader, in her view.

“That’s not possible if we continue operating in the same way we have been operating over the last 30 years, so our goal wasn’t just to reform on paper, but make a change that will be evident in greater responsibility, in depoliticization and results, which are a norm in the entire modern world. As the Government of Serbia repeated several times, the state is remaining the owner of EPS and it will be the one defining what it wants from the company, but also from this supervisory board, which will be responsible for the implementation of a part of our energy strategy,” Đedović said.

A public call for the appointment of a new CEO is expected soon, the minister said and revealed that the leadership and management skills of 60 managers in EPS are currently under review.

Đedović also said Serbia is obligated under an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to keep developing the company’s strategy and continue transform it.

Consultants from Norway have paved the way for the new supervisory board with their strategic analysis of the entire energy sector and by focusing on financial reporting and risk management, according to the minister.

(Bloomberg Adria, Danas, 09.06.2023)



Photo credits: Slobodan Miljević



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