Epidemiologists: “Average age of the infected is 50”

The Deputy Director of the Milan Jovanovic Batut Institute of Public Health, Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, said yesterday that the average age of people infected with coronavirus in Serbia was 50 and that two-thirds were men.

When asked about the number of people cured, she said that 3 patients were released from the hospital after two negative tests, but now they would have to spend 15 days in isolation at home.

In terms of the experiences and suggestions of Chinese doctors, who came to Serbia to help with the coronavirus contagion, epidemiologist Predrag Kon said that the advice of Chinese colleagues was to wear masks when in public and indoors.

“Wear masks indoors and when you are less than two meters away from someone. Keep contact to a minimum. This is not good in social and psychological terms, but it is very important for the epidemic,” Kon said.

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Commenting on the Chinese colleagues’ projections that it would take 29 days of the anti-corona measures to stabilize the situation, Predrag Kon said he came up with the projection looking at a Chinese province that had a similar situation to the Serbian one.

Darija Kisic Tepavcevic added that her Chinese colleagues had real-life experience with over 80,000 patients and managed to suppress the epidemic.

“A strict discipline is not in our DNA. A Chinese colleague said yesterday that his son has not left the apartment for three months,” she said.

Predrag Kon also said that strict isolation was now required, which means that someone who has tested positive cannot stay in a room with people who are not. Only such measures can produce results, i.e. mild isolation can still aggravate the situation.

When asked whether it was possible to find out about the gender, age and geographical structure of patients, experts said that that was impossible at the moment, although Darija Kisic Tepavcevic revealed that such an analysis would certainly have to be carried out post-corona and that, considering available information, an average coronavirus patient was in their 50s and two-thirds of them were males.

(Insajder, 23.03.2020)


Photo credits: Srdjan Ilic

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