Epidemiologist Đurić: “I don’t understand why is there a rush to allow public gatherings”

Epidemiologist Predrag Đurić from the University of Novi Sad stated that he does not fully understand why the authorities have made the decision to allow spectators in stadiums and sports arenas and why was such a decision made in haste since it represents an epidemiological risk for the transmission of the coronavirus.

“We are witnessing the fact that almost all sports competitions in the world have been cancelled and, where they are gradually introduced, they are taking place in empty arenas or with a minimum number of spectators, with strict precautions exercised by both players and other participants,” Đurić told the Vojvodina Research and Analysis Centre (VOICE).

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According to him, the citizens of Serbia are getting confused messages: “It is difficult for each of us to understand that we have to stand in line for an hour in front of the bank, and then see thousands of spectators at a football or tennis match on television,” said Đurić.

Epidemiologist Nebojsa Bohucki from Subotica also agrees that there is a high risk of droplet infection in matches where a large number of people cheer and shout.

“It is not a problem if we are at home or if people behave adequately and wear a mask. The larger the audience, the greater the possibility of virus transmission,” Bohucki said.

(N1, 18.06.2020)



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