Epidemiological measures could be relaxed next week

A new meeting of the government’s Crisis Response Team is scheduled for next Monday, where the results of epidemiological measures, as well as a possibility of allowing re-opening of bars, restaurants and shopping malls will be discussed.

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabić, said that the current anti-covid measures could be eased next week.

“I hope that next week we will be able to relax the measures,” Brnabić said.

On Monday, the medical members of the Response Team will probably advocate that the measures should continue in the current form and that catering facilities and shopping malls should be closed for another week, while the members that come from the business community will advocate the opening of catering facilities with their working hours extended to 8 pm.

Immunologist Srdja Jankovic said that the medical part of the Team thinks that’s now is not the time to allow any concessions.

“We could ask for measures to be even stricter and present valid arguments if it is necessary. The point is, right now, with these measures, that we need to continue long enough to see improvements, to unburden the health care system and to reduce the number of hospitalized patients. The percentage of people who tested positive (to the coronavirus) is also an important parameter and this number is currently very high,” Jankovic explains.

(Noizz, 25.03.2021)




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