Epic Games – 3Lateral to build a state-of-the art office building in Novi Sad

3Lateral, the company that deals with the development of innovative technologies that enable the digitalisation of the human face and movements and Epic Games, an American company that develops video games and software solutions, will build its office building in Novi Sad.

The land plot on which it will be built is located in Radnička Street and spans 6,495 m2, while the building itself will span 2,886.11 m2. Between 250 and 300 people will be employed at the building. The floors will be interconnected by four communication hubs via stairs and a total of five lifts.

An underground garage with technical rooms is planned under almost the entire lot, and the rest of the lot on the ground floor will essentially be a free roof area on which pedestrian paths, green areas and open spaces are planned.

The roofs of the above-ground part of the building are reserved for green areas, while a big bio-solar roof is foreseen above the upper part.

(eKapija, 28.11.2021)


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