EP adopts resolution on Serbia – concern about Rio Tinto and Linglong’s workers

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on “Forced labour in the Linglong factory and environmental protests” on Thursday, expressing concern over violations of human rights and trafficking in the case of 500 Vietnamese nationals brought to Serbia by the Chinese factory.

The Serbian authorities were called to investigate the case and make sure basic human rights are respected, especially workers’ rights at the Linglong factory, report the findings to the European Union.

In the report, MEPs also express deep concern about serious problems of corruption and rule of law in the field of environment, lack of transparency and assessment of environmental and social impacts of infrastructure projects, including Chinese investments and loans, as well as the activities of multinational companies such as Rio Tinto.

The resolution said that violence by extremist and hooligan groups against peaceful environmental protests is growing and condemned the violation of the basic right to peaceful gatherings.

The Serbian authorities are called to publicly condemn what the hooligans are doing. The report also expressed regret over the drop in media freedom, harsh statements, intimidation and hate speech against the opposition, independent intellectuals, NGOs, journalists and prominent individuals by members of the ruling parties.

The report further condemned the recent attacks on opposition leader Marinika Tepic because of her ethnic origins on a government-support TV (Pink).

The resolution welcomed the fact that EU membership remains Serbia’s strategic goal and encouraged official Belgrade to more actively and unequivocally confirm its commitment to European values in public.

(Danas, 16.12.2021)



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