Enjoy the weekend! Upcoming events in Belgrade and Novi Sad

It’s Thursday, and time for our report about the cultural and entertainment events coming up this weekend.


Event: Photo exhibition “Brioni Diaries” by Dee Cvetkovic

Place: Marsh Open Space

Time:  30th November

After spending each summer from 2013 to 2017 on the beautiful islands of Brioni in Croatia, photographer Dee Cvetkovic was inspired to photograph what makes Brioni such an interesting place to visit – from retro interiors, socialist architecture, antique ruins, and golf courses to deer and zebras, pine trees, night swimming, theatre performances, hangovers, Medjimurje pies and Austro-Hungarian stools in the café bar of the Neptun Hotel.

Photo by Dee Cvetkovic


Event: ‘Fidelium’ virtual reality (VR) exhibition

Place: The House of King Peter I, 40, Vase Pelagica Street

Time: Opened until 2nd December

The exhibition’s author, Milan Marković, gathered ten young artists whose works are exhibited in a traditional, gallery manner, and for the first time in Serbia, visitors have the opportunity to view the entire exhibition in VR.

Photo by: Snezana Krstic / RAS Srbija



Event: Sequence 2 exhibition – Social Art

Place: Belgrade Museum of Modern Art

Time: 2nd December

Social art represents a form of engagement and artistic political activity of the left cultural front in the period between the two wars in the territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It appears as an artistic reaction to the social capitalist system and dominant civic art. The exhibition will feature the artwork of Krsto Hegedušić, Marijana Detonija, Antun Augustinčić, and Vinko Grdana – artists gathered in the art group Earth – as well as Đorđe Andrejević Kuna, Mirko Kujačić, and Piva Karamatiević – a member of the Life group.

Event: Gala Napolitano – evening of Neapolitan music

Place: Madlenianium Opera and Theatre

Time: 2nd and 3rd December

A group of Italian musicians, Angelica Sepe, Antonio Carluccio, Annibale Marchesini and Norma Pucci, who perform under the name Gala Napolitano, are going to entertain audiences with the classic Neapolitan songs on two nights at the Madlenianum Opera and Theatre in Zemun.



Event: Autumn Antiques Fair

Place: Dom Vojske

Time: 30th November, from 10 am to 6 pm

In addition to its promotional and educational character, the traditional Autumn Antiques Fair in Novi Sad is also a sales event with over 50 exhibitors participating and 150,000 antique pieces on display. The Fair also has a charity component, while visitors will be able to get a free appraisal of their antiques from on-site experts.

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