Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic throws Srbijagas CEO out of meeting for “disrespecting government”

Dusan Bajatovic, the CEO of Serbia’s state-owned natural gas provider Srbijagas, was thrown out from a meeting with the newly appointed Energy Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic over “disrespecting the institutions of the Government of Serbia,” the media reported on Saturday.

Minister Mihajlovic said that public companies from that oil and gas sector “will not be able to operate as before,” that she expects faster and more efficient work and for directors of public oil and gas enterprises to behave “responsibly,” the statement said.

The meeting was attended by the directors of Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS), Milorad Grcic, ODS EPS Distribucija, Bojan Atlagic, Elektromreza Srbije, Jelena Matejic, Transnafta, Bogdan Kuzmanovic, JP PEU Resavica, Marko Vukovic and Gian Simin, CEO of Serbia Zijin Bor Copper.

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CEO of public company Transportgas, Stevan Dukic, did not attend the meeting, “for which he will be called to account”, and Dusan Bajatovic (an official of the Socialist Party of Serbia who lost control of the Energy Ministry) was removed from the meeting “for disrespecting the institution Government of Serbia “.

“This Ministry is a place for consultations and agreements on all projects and activities. We need to work faster and more efficiently, especially in project management. We also have to respect order, which is what my team and I did in the Ministry of Construction… This is the first in a series of meetings we will have because this is a strategically important sector for the state, ” Mihajlovic said.

(Nedeljnik, 31.10.2020)


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