Energoprojekt: Securities Commission investigates hostile takeover

The current results of an investigation by the Securities Commission into the hostile takeover of the Energoprojekt Company show that the “mystery shopper”, or rather the person who bought 5.81% of Energoprojekt’s shares is Dobrosav Bojovic, or people who are closely connected to him or his companies.

The investigation into the trail of money used in transactions on the Belgrade Stock Exchange on 31st January and 2nd February, 2017 has shown this. A set of 375,172 shares, valued at 487,732,455.00 dinars, was bought via an Erste Bank account belonging to the Montinvest Company from Belgrade. Until very recently, Bojovic was a member of the company’s supervisory board. He is now succeeded by his close associate Vitomir Peric in that position.

“Peric is mentioned in the context of many companies that Bojovic has a share in. After all, he was deputy director of his company Napred Razvoj. Also, he is a member of the Energoprojekt’s Supervisory Board, as suggested by Napred, one of the companies that Bojovic owns. The trail leads to Peric again in regard to the purchase of the second set of shares, a total of 260,000 of them for 335,426,000.00 dinars. This transaction was carried out via a Vojvodjanska Banka account, and the buyer is Jopag AG, a company registered in Switzerland. Again, Vitomir Peric is in this company’s management. Furthermore, Bojovic is a member of Jopag’s managing board. These are not coincidences which is why the Securities Commission, apart from combing through bank accounts and interviewing the persons involved, is also re-examining the sideline information too”, the Commission says.

The Napred Razvoj Company refuted the claims that they bought Energoprojekt’s shares, and did not want to reply to the questions of the Blic’s reporters yesterday. “It wasn’t us who bought that 5.81% of Energoprojekt’s shares. I am absolutely sure that investment funds did that”, Bojovic said.

Energorpojekt also refused to give their side of the story. “There is an ongoing process conducted by the Securities Commission, and we don’t want to comment until it is concluded”, Vladimir Milovanovic, director of Energoprojekt has said.

(Blic, 18.05.2017)




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