Employment: 20% of large companies to lay off workers in 2017

As many as 20% of large companies in Serbia are planning to reduce the number of their employees in the next three months, as shown by the survey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

– In the segment of quarterly projections, the lowest result was recorded in November. There’s also pessimism regarding employment in the segment of medium enterprises – says The Barometer publication.

Even though 28% of the surveyed companies said in November that their production activities were growing, the production growth in the past three months has been followed by a reduced growth of employment.

– The lowest growth of employment since this January was recorded in November – The Barometer points out.

The indicator of the projected quarterly local market revenues marked a slight drop relative to October, but is still showing a relatively strong conjecture for the next three months.

When asked to assess the production capacities compared to contracted sales, 13.1% of the companies said that they were too big, whereas 5.6% pointed out that they were too small, making for the best result of this indicator since the beginning of the year.

(eKapija, 04.12.2016)


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