Employers should start applying for state aid of half minimum wage today

As of today, employers could apply for state aid that is half the minimum wage while the application process for disbursement of one-off aid of EUR 60 to all citizens of age begins on April 28, all under the auspices of the third economy aid package, announced Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.

Mali said that each adult Serbian citizen would get two EUR 30 payments, one in May and one in November.

He also said that pensioners would get an additional EUR 50 in September, which, together with the EUR 60 aid meant for all adult citizens, makes for a total of EUR 110.

The Finance Minister added that the state will have paid out 50% of the minimum wage to all micro, small, medium-sized and large enterprises on three separate occasions.

“Nearly a million and a half of employees would get 50% of the minimum wage in each of the three months. Also, a full minimum wage is meant for the sectors that are most at risk, such as tourism, hospitality, rent-a-car agencies and tourist guides,” Mali went on to say.

The application process is simple and done on the website of the Tax Administration.

In addition to the above financial assistance, bus companies will also get help in the amount of EUR 600 for each of their buses, as will hotel owners.

Also, financial assistance is on its way to fellow citizens in Kosovo and Metohija.

(eKapija, 01.03.2021)


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