Employers in Serbia are dissatisfied with the quality of job candidates

In the latest survey conducted by the employment website Poslovi Infostud, the data show some dissatisfaction on the part of employers in the process of selecting and hiring new workers, most of who don’t have the required qualifications.

With the aim of determining employer satisfaction in Serbia regarding the quality of candidates in the recruitment and selection process, from the moment of launching the job competition to the hiring of the selected candidate, the Poslovi Infostud website carried out a survey from May and June 2022, with 317 companies participating.

Twenty per cent of companies in the IT sector and 80 per cent in the non-IT sector participated in the survey. More than half were smaller companies (up to 100 employees), one-third medium-sized and large companies with up to 1,000 employees and 10% of companies with more than 1,000 employees. The companies surveyed were most often looking for positions with medium seniority (57%), while 20% of job ads were for junior and senior positions.

Some of the most common problems encountered by companies are the low number of candidates who sent their CVs, lack of experience and unrealistic views that candidates have about themselves. More than 60 per cent of companies believe that a very small number of applicants respond to job ads, while only 36 per cent are satisfied with the number of the received applications.

In terms of the quality of job applications, half of the companies estimate the quality to be lower than expected and only 15% are satisfied. This dissatisfaction is also influenced by the level of competence of the applicants themselves. The research shows that almost half of the applicants are less competent, i.e. don’t satisfy all requirements stated in the job ad, while only 13% of the applicants meet the requirements specified by the employer in the ad.

Dissatisfaction is even more pronounced in the IT sector. Employers point out that applicants with less seniority than required (48%) mostly apply for job advertisements, while the fact that, to a large extent, people who are not at all professional apply for job advertisements also poses a problem. These job applicants make up one-third of the total number of applicants.

Only 5% of companies receive CVs with the required qualifications and seniority. Almost half of the employers surveyed state that all invited applicants turn up for the job interview, while one-third say that invited applicants do not turn up for the scheduled interview. If they are not able to turn up for a job interview, employers say that candidates rarely give notice, while 1/4 of them give notice, asking the employer to postpone the job interview.

(Danas, 28.07.2022)



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