Employers against increasing minimum hourly wage

The results of a survey conducted by the Serbian Employers Association which was conducted in 100 companies in July shows that 2/3 of the surveyed employers are against raising the minimum hourly wage.

68% of the surveyed companies think that the conditions are still not right for the minimum wage to be increased while 32% companies say that the wage should be increased. Almost 50% of those surveyed think that the minimum wage should be up to 140 dinars per hour. At the moment, the minimum hourly wage in Serbia is 130 dinars.

“We conducted the survey in our capacity of a member of the Socio-Economic Council so that, on 15th September, when the Council is due to meet, we can present the opinions of the surveyed companies and provide guidelines for higher minimum wage”, says Nebojsa Atanackovic, the president of the Serbian Employers Association.

The survey also shows that companies in the processing sector almost unanimously agreed for a higher minimum hourly wage, while the companies from the retail sector were against the initiative.

“It is very significant to see that the majority of companies agreed that wages should be increased at certain point, but when the time is right”, Atanackovic adds. It was mostly the companies from Vojvodina and Belgrade that were in favour of the increase.

Out of the 32 companies that were for the increase, two companies did not suggest how big this increase should be, 13 said that the minimum hourly wage should be increased up to 140 dinars, while 17 companies said that the wage should be over 140 dinars.

The survey has also shown that only five companies from Eastern and Southern Serbia were in favour of the minimum wage increase.

(Sve vesti, 13.08.2017)



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