Employees will be able to check online how high their pension is going to be

The State Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO Fund) has launched a tender for the procurement of a software solution for sending, managing and reporting about whether the employer has settled its obligations toward the employee. The PIO fund is ready to pay RSD 90 million for this service.

This software solution would use digital channels to send reports to registered users, which until now, were usually either sent by snail mail or could be viewed on the premises of the PIO Fund.

The PIO Fund is commissioning an online platform for automated electronic communication with the aim of “providing citizens with an electronic service thanks to which they can determine whether they have met all the prerequisites to retire and estimate the amount of the future pension, as well as to obtain other relevant data related to determining the conditions and amount of the pension.”

Also, the new software solution will give insight into whether employers have fulfilled their obligations (regarding pension contribution) toward their employees, as well as insight into the amounts that employers have paid for this purpose.

The new online services must be intuitive and easy to use and user authorization should be carried via the government’s electronic identification portal eID.

The tender is open for submission of bids until September 19th.

(eKapija, 16.08.2023)


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