Employees of Interior Ministry to get a day off work if they bring at least 5 people to opening of Leoni’s factory

The Democratic Party (DS) has said that it has evidence that employees of the Interior Ministry (MUP) were promised a day off if they took five other people to the opening of the Leoni factory in Kraljevo yesterday, which was attended by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

In a statement, the DS claims to have come into possession of a conversation in which an employee of the Interior Ministry invited acquaintances to go to the opening of the Leoni factory in return for a day off work.

The person, whose name is known to the DS, was instructed to submit to the Serbian Progressive Party a list of at least five names with their telephone numbers, who would go to the official opening, the DS press release reads. The party said that they are willing to submit evidence to the police of this.

DS vice-president Miodrag Gavrilovic said that such pressure is a kind of institutionalised violence in Serbia, be it psychological, physical, direct or indirect, as well as confirmation that there fair elections are not possible in Serbia at the moment.

(Nova, 12.09.2021)


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