Employees could be fired because of fake sick leave

The announced changes to the Labour Law stipulate that employers fire those employees who claim fake sick leave (there are 30,000 of them in Serbia annually), according to the Nova Ekonomija daily.

The results of controls carried out by the State Health Insurance Fund last year showed that, in 2017, about 11% of people were on sick leave for completely unjustified reasons.

The proposer of these changes is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, which says that, if the proposed changes are accepted, employer can request a report from a health care institution on the basis of which sick leave started, providing that, in one month, the percentage of employees who were absent from work exceeds 10% of the workforce.

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If the employer ascertains that an employee went on sick leave for invalid reasons, the employer can fire the employee from the company.

These amendments to the Labour Law will be forwarded to the National Parliament only in mid-2020, while all the relevant initiatives and solutions will have been considered by then, including the abovementioned initiative regarding sick leave.

From January to October 2017, a total of 1,332 controls of sick leave were carried out – employer requested the control to be carried out in 708 cases, while the local branch office of the State Health Insurance Fund initiated the control process in 445 cases.

The Ministry of Health announced that that was only the beginning of more rigorous controls and that more detailed control of sick leave will be carried out, particularly if the reason for sick leave is not strong enough.

(N1, 06.04.2019)



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