Elite and Plebs

“In the last few days and weeks, during the omnipresent campaign of disparaging everybody who thinks differently from those segments of the Serbian society who think, for some reason, that they belong to the elite, the contemplative, socially and mentally emancipated stratum of the society, the boundaries of political etiquette and basic elemental competence have been broken.

While being obviously nervous about the fact that they have failed, and that the people’s support is disproportionate to the devastating efforts they undertake at the daily level, the political quasi-elitists have resorted to a tried and, some would rightly argue, partly fascist method, which entails dividing people into superior ones, to whom they belong, and inferior ones, those who cannot possibly win. In time, the latter category would become increasingly stupid, disgusting, poorer and uneducated, while, in contrast to them, stand super-clever, braces-wearing visionaries with bleached teeth. The “other” ones are going to start using paddles instead of toothpicks to clean their teeth soon because the elite would not be that good if we, the inferiors, were not that bad.

And it is not particularly important that such elite doesn’t know who is Bismarck or cannot tell the difference between Paja and Slobodan Jovanović. What is important is that they have such a high opinion of themselves that you cannot even imagine. You can spot it very easily as their political leaders have modest knowledge and even weaker education, but their teeth are so white and their SUVs so large that you quickly forget that they read just a handful of books. And who, after all, cares about the millions of euros that have been stolen by the members of such quasi-elite?! Who cares about the thousands of factories that they have destroyed, which is rather logical considering that these factories were the only places where the stupid, ugly and toothless could work, and the elite is here just to embezzle money, cheat on some naive Chinese and, all in all, decide on everything?

Their plan is really good – you, ordinary people, can drop dead and if you, the folk plague, go against us, we, the super-clever and self-appointed, will break your back just like we did to those very few individuals that are not embarrassed by us. On top of it all, they are going to piss on our graves because that is the ultimate expression of their intellectual dominance and creative superiority. Since I can see that many Serbs are scared of such fascist-like approach, I took it upon myself to take most of this herd’s hits, confident that the ordinary, pleasant people will manage to win over those people who think that they can run our lives just because they think they should.

After all, just looking at them you cannot help but wonder what kind of greats they are if they are helmed by the intellectual bards such as Trifunović, Obradovć and Djilas because, undoubtedly, this trio, in addition to Jeremić, possesses the greatest knowledge, unshakeable honesty and divine morality.

This is especially true when the aforementioned group, through its like-minded eugenicists, in the manner of the Spanish Inquisition, organizes persecution and burning at the stake of the idols of the stupid, the ones who oppose them in everything. Since these people are “illiterate” and “uneducated”, they are more aggressively attacked. They show a special kind of enjoyment when they go against people with diplomas because who cares about knowledge – the diploma is everything and form is more important than substance. That’s why they are the elite and we are the herd. It doesn’t matter that we have graduated with honours – they will persecute you while you are still alive, because you, in fact, do not have the right to a degree. No matter how stupid, lazy and sloppy you might be, having a diploma is the right that belongs only to them. It is no coincidence that they are very proud of having graduated from two faculties while calling Ilija Garašanin Vučić’s satrap in today’s criminal affairs.

And no matter how many times and how badly they lose elections, they always cite the same reason for that. It is the people or the media’s fault because we are the stupid part of Serbia, and unlike the elite, we do not understand anything, so we cannot make the right decisions that are important for our country. That’s why they are intellectuals because they really do piss on graves while calling us “the sandwich-people” because we have a need to satisfy our hunger, as simple as that.

Whoever thinks that economic growth of 4.5% is better for Serbia compared to -3.1% is just plain stupid.

If you are looking forward to having a motorway leading to Macedonia, Bulgaria or Čačak, you are even more stupid and above all, illiterate. If you want factories and investments, you’re old. If you support greater employment, you are a toothless idiot. If you are in favour of having bigger salaries and pensions than you must be watching Pink and reading tabloids all the time. If you want the Kosovo issue to be resolved, you must be a traitor or an uneducated pest.

If you want all of this, if you want your country to grow and progress, if you want to have a good state budget, a smaller public debt, and a new investment cycle, you are an absolute, illiterate, toothless, uneducated old idiot. And this is the only justification for all their failures, for the lost elections and for the fact that Serbia simply doesn’t want them.

Well, if Serbia doesn’t want them, then it must be Serbia’s fault.

So they decided to insult and despise it.

They, the academics, are accusing Serbia of being stupid.

Apart from being disgusting, humiliating and strongly resembling eugenics, this thesis also implies the necessity of abolishing democratic institutions, and above all, elections. We don’t need them when the stupid, illiterate and toothless people will vote against us.

We are talking about the people who, back in the day, voted for us, watched Pink, read the tabloids that we allegedly owned and followed reality shows that apparently we brought to Serbia. They supported us until the situation became unbearable for them, until we destroyed them, until we abolished 600,000 jobs, closed factories, stole everything that could be stolen and led the country to bankruptcy.

And because of this, because people have refused to vote for their own ruin, they should now be punished?

And they should call everyone swamp people and losers, whose children will also be losers, living on “the landfill created by the sick and corrupt”?

What’s next? Ban them from voting? Ban them from having children because they are inferior? Open camps for anyone who dares to vote “incorrectly”? Give power to the superior, higher race, the elite who will then determine who will do what and who will cover, at the expense of the inferiors, all the losses they have generated in the last seven years?

Is it because Dragan Djilas failed to gain control over reality shows, which are money makers, considering that he brought them to Serbia?

Is it because he could not own tabloids any more because he was a tabloid owner at a certain point, the very tabloid newspaper he used to attack his political and business opponents?

Is it because they can no longer profit from every job in Serbia, and they were profiting from every second of every commercial and from building bridges?

Is it because they have lost privileges, places in managing boards, street stands and the ability to take what they wanted, whenever they wanted it?

That is the reason. That is why all who are not for them, and most of them are not, have been declared idiots.

During my engagement in politics, and I’ve been in politics for a long time, I have not seen that somebody despises both my country and the people who live here so much.

Just because those people voted for someone else…

The disgust with which they talk about Serbia, trampling, vomiting and spitting on ordinary people, using recipes concocted during the time of the darkest, fascist-like ideologies, dividing people into lower, less valuable stratum and the exalted ones, worthy of everything, and especially worthy of having power, all of this together, became the only policy that the elite has to offer.

So, when I say that I despise them, it is obvious that I have a good reason to.

Because they despise Serbia…

And because I am ready to defend the right of every man in this country not to be bribed, trampled and spat on and declared less valuable.

I also defend their right to choose for themselves.

People in Serbia are capable of doing that.

And they will do exactly that in the next election.”

By Aleksandar Vučić

(Politika, 10.07.2019)


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