Elektroremont: Italian investment of 2 million euro

The Italian proprietor of the Subotica-based company, Elektromont plans to invest 2 million EUR into opening of a repair facility for electric engines, trains and subway trains that would service the whole Europe, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has reported.

The Chamber’s president, Marko Cadez and the representatives of the Subotica Regional Chamber of Commerce have talked to over 50 companies about overcoming obstacles relating to shadow economy, VAT refunds, debt payment deadlines, lack of qualified workforce, and problems faced by transportation companies. The meeting in Subotica was attended by Ivan Djokovic, from the Government of Vojvodina and the Secretary for Economy and Tourism.

– The Serbian Chamber of Commerce will support companies from Subotica, such as Elektroremont, in implementing their development and investment plans and overcoming the challenges they are facing in their business activities – said the Chamber’s president, Marko Cadez.

Elektroremont is one of the biggest electric machine and equipment repair companies on the territory of former Yugoslavia. The company was successfully privatized in 2005, and since then has been operating under Italy’s Applicazioni Elettriche Generali.

(eKapija, 11.04.2017)


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