Electricity prices are financial threat to large Serbian companies

“The Serbian government has to find a solution for the huge increase in the electricity price, because if it does not do that, the companies that are big electricty consumers will have to close down,” said Honorary President of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Nebojsa Atanackovic, yesterday.

The problem of growing energy prices will be discussed at the meeting of the Economic and Social Council on Wednesday, October 20, and the employers’ association has called for protection from rising prices, not only of electricity but also of diesel, because transport companies are also in danger. “Until about a fortnight ago, a litre of diesel cost about 151 dinars, now it is at about 175 dinars, which makes it difficult for transport companies to do business,” Atanackovic said.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić announced a few days ago that a working group would be formed to propose measures to mitigate the consequences of rising energy prices, which began to increase significantly in July this year, when electricity prices rose more than 100 percent and gas prices more than 200 percent.

The technical director of the SEEPEX energy exchange, Dejan Stojčevski, thinks that a solution has to be found in Serbia, so that the economy can withstand a sharp increase in the price of electricity. He said that the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has recommended that, in order to reduce the burden on businesses, the authorities should consider the reduction of various fees which are a significant item in the formation of the price of electricity for consumers.

“In Serbia, there are two possibilities to protect the business sector – one is to reduce taxes and the other is to determine the maximum wholesale price of electricity as long as the crisis lasts,” Stojčevski said and added companies have made a mistake when they did not conclude new long-term electricity supply contracts with electricity providers as early as March or April, when the price trend indicated that this was the cheapest period to do so.

(Naslovi.net, Beta, 18.10.2021)


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