Electricity price to go up by 3.4% as of February 1

The price of electricity in Serbia will go up by 3.4% from February 1, 2021, announced the Energy Agency. At the meeting, the Council of the Energy Agency, gave its consent to the decision to raise the price of electricity in order to secure a guaranteed supply.

The average price of electricity for users entitled to guaranteed supply at regulated prices, which include households and small businesses, was determined, as said, “based on the maximum approved income and is, without taxes and fees, 7,867 dinars per kilowatt hour, which a 3.4% increase from the current average price.”

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The new price will be used as of February 1, 2021, the agency announced, pointing out that “even after this correction, the first since November 2019, the price of electricity in Serbia is still significantly lower than prices in the region and in Europe.”

(Danas, 17.12.2020)



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