Electricity price goes up by 2%

The price of electricity, used by households and small consumers, will go up by 2% on average. In practice, this means that an average Serbian household will have to pay 68 dinars more every month on the account of the new price.

According to the Ministry of Mining and Energy, despite the new price hike, Serbia still has the lowest electricity price in Europe, far below the average prices in the region. For instance, in Macedonia, the electricity price is 19% higher, in Albania 20%, in Bosnia and Herzegovina 21%, in Montenegro 31%, and in Croatia 50%.

In Serbia, 70,350 households are entitled to free electricity (i.e. the first 120 to 250 kilowatt hours spent are free of charge), depending on the number of people living in the household.

The Mining and Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic announced this hike in early September and said that the decision was made following the consultations with the IMF, and as a part of the restructuring measures implemented in state-run power company, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS).  “The price hike will be applied in October”, Antic added.

(N1, 01.10.2017)



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