Electricity price for companies to drop by 25% on 1st May?

The price of electrical energy for companies in Serbia should drop by around 25% from May 1st because electricity prices in the market have also dropped,  said the energy expert Zeljko Markovic.

He added that the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) had agreed for the electricity price for commercial users to be determined relative to the current market prices.  

“The electricity prices for companies are formed based on supply and demand. As the market prices have dropped, with the average price now standing at around EUR 90 per megawatt-hour (MWh) and considering that companies are currently paying EUR 120 per MWh, I expect the price to drop by around 25%”, said Markovic.

The acting director of EPS, Dusan Zivkovic, said that EPS was working together with the Ministry of Mining and Energy to change the methodology by which the price of electrical energy for companies would be calculated from May 1, so that it would correspond to the current market prices and confirmed that the electricity price “is likely to be reduced.”

“Since the electricity prices have returned to a relatively normal level, they should be formed solely on the basis of the current market price”, Markovic noted.

The purchasers, according to him, usually agree on the annual electricity prices with EPS, so if a price of EUR 80-90 per MWh is agreed for a one-year period, it will still apply, regardless of whether the electricity price increases or decreases in the market in the meantime.

(021.rs, 19.03.2024)


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