Electric scooters and bicycles should be registered by June 15th

Light electric vehicles, which include electric scooters and bicycles will have to be registered as of April 5, that is, their owners will have to display a sticker, issued by a relevant state institution, on the vehicle that will show the characteristics of the vehicle.

From June 15, only vehicles with this sticker will be able to participate in traffic.

In the request for issuing a sticker, the owner of the light electric vehicle has to state personal information (full name, identification number, date of birth, place of birth), residence details (town, postal code, street and house number, telephone, email) and information on the light electric vehicle (brand, permanent nominal power of the electric motor, maximum design speed, curb weight).

Along with the request, the technical documentation for the light electric vehicle must be submitted, which clearly shows the brand of the vehicle, the permanent nominal power of the electric motor, the maximum design speed and the empty weight of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the owner must submit a photocopy or scanned ID card, a completed and signed statement on a separate form, as well as proof of the fee paid for issuing a sticker for light electric vehicles.

The Traffic Safety Agency still hasn’t publicly stated how much this procedure will cost.

(Biznis i Finansije, 05.03.2024)


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