Electric Fiat Panda to be produced in Kragujevac factory from 2023?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia could start production of an electric version of its Panda SUV model at the factory in Kragujevac in 2023, local media reported.

“Unofficial information from the government signalled that the company will stay in Serbia and that it will start producing electric models in 2023, most likely Fiat Panda,” the N1 news outlet quoted Zoran Miljkovic, head of the Independent Trade Union at the factory, as saying on Sunday.

FCA restarted operations at its factory in Kragujevac in January after a 50-day-stoppage caused by the shortage of parts.

According to Miljkovic, production has been halted again, and it will not resume at least until April 12. “For the month of April, the company only planned to operate two-to-three working days,” Miljkovic added.

In February, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said she was optimistic Fiat would not relocate its production from Serbia. Earlier, another Serbian trade union leader said he expected the company to start producing a hybrid-powered version of its Fiat 500L model at the factory in Kragujevac in 2022.

Apparently, more information will be released on 28th April.

(Kamatica, 18.04.2022)


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