Elections in Vojvodina scheduled for June 21

Yesterday, the Speaker of the Vojvodina Assembly, Istvan Pasztor, signed the amendment to the decree on the election of the members of the Vojvodina Parliament, and set 21 June 2020 as the new date for holding provincial elections.

As stated in a press release, Pasztor signed the decree in accordance with the authorisations and regulations under his authority and following the changes that have taken place since the introduction and abolition of the state of emergency in Serbia.

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He reiterated that the provincial elections will be held according to the proportional electoral system, which means that 120 members will be elected in a constituency.

The future MPs will be elected from electoral lists of political parties, a coalition of political parties or a group of citizens.

Pasztor urged the electorate to exercise their civil right and come to the polls on 21 June 2020 to cast their votes.

Pasztor then invited everyone to facilitate a fair and honest electoral race and for their election campaigns to be based on programmes and good arguments, as well as on mutual respect.

(Naslovi.net, 10.05.2020)


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