Elections in Serbia on 28th June?

When the state of emergency is abolished, the National Parliament could instruct parties to continue with their election campaign.

June 21st is talked about as a possible date for elections and if that is the case, political parties have a total of 41 days to conduct their election campaign. However, the election date will be determined by President Vucic in agreement with the leaders of the other parties as soon as the state of emergency is abolished.

At present, the most realistic date for holding parliamentary, provincial and local elections in Serbia is June 28th, on the religious holiday of Vidovdan.

This date was picked on the assumption that the National Parliament would abolish the state of emergency in the first half of May and order the continuation of the electoral process, which was stopped on March 16th due to the pandemic. The State Electoral Commission would then set a date for the resumption of the electoral race most likely on May 19th.

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21st June is another possible election date, but it is less realistic and would imply that the election campaign would resume on May 12th.

“I will let the other parties know when the conditions are met. I will propose that the State Electoral Commission wait two or five days after the end of the state of emergency, and only then to announce the election date,” Vucic said.

Ivo Colovic from CeSID says that “once the state of emergency is abolished, we will continue from where we left off. Assuming the state of emergency is lifted in May, elections will be held in June. As soon as the state of emergency is lifted, there is no reason not to hold elections. If there were to take place in the autumn, the Parliament would then have to pass a special law (the so-called lex specialis) because the deadlines for elections would be broken.”

It is estimated that the turnout will be good, because most Serbian citizens will not go on holiday in June.

(Vecernje Novosti, 23.04.2020)


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