Elections in Belgrade: no one has the majority in the city parliament

More than a month after the April 3 elections, the Election Commission of the City of Belgrade has announced the final results of voting for the new convocation of the city parliament, confirming that no one has the majority to lead the city alone.

According to the results of the Municipal Election Commission announced on May 9, the electoral list “Aleksandar Vucic – Zajedno mozemo sve” got 348,345 votes, which means that it will have 48 councilors out of a total of 110. Second is the opposition electoral list “Ujedinjeni za pobedu Beograda – Vladeta Janković”, which received 195,335 votes, thus securing 26 seats in the council, and third is the opposition coalition “Moramo” with 99,078 votes and 13 seats in the Belgrade parliament.

The list “Ivica Dačić – premijer Srbije, Toma Fila – gradonačelnik Beograda” received 64,050 votes and 8 seats, while 7 seats will go to the opposition electoral list “Dr Milos Jovanovic – NADA za Beograd”, which got 57,760 votes.

The Srpska stranka Zavetnici party and Dveri movement won 32,029 and 30,898 votes respectively and thus will have 4 seats each. The Serbian Radical Party, the electoral lists “Dusko Vujosevic – Boris Tadic – Ajmo ljudi” and “Nemanja Sarovic – Za sav normalan svet”, the Sovereignists and the Alliance for the Russian minority in Belgrade all failed to pass electoral threshold, i.e. win more than 3% votes.

The final results are only released now, although the election was in early April, because of hundreds of objections made by the opposition parties on the account of a number of irregularities, as well as the repetition of voting in some polling stations. In one polling station, the election was repeated as many as three times.

(Danas, 09.05.2022)


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