Election in Serbia on 21 June

After meeting with representatives of nine political lists that announced participation in the elections, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić stated that parliamentary and local elections in Serbia will be held on 21 June.

Vučić underlined that elections are a democratic right and the greatest interest of the citizens and the state of Serbia, to elect the parliament and other state authorities.

He added that the opinion of health experts will be taken into account regarding the election campaign.

Vučić announced that if all goes well, the Serbian parliament will lift the state of emergency on Wednesday, which is why the question of elections re-emerged. They had been scheduled for 26 April but were postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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The president said that he accepted the proposal of some political parties to have 38 days for the election campaign before the date of the elections, which is why the parliamentary and local elections in most municipalities will be held on 21 June.

According to him, major electoral rallies are not expected in May, especially indoors, while as for June, the opinion of doctors will be considered.

Commenting that there are not enough notaries-public to certify signatures, Vučić said that the political parties that will run in the elections made an agreement that in addition to notaries-public, the municipal certifying authorities will also certify signatures of support.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic, Secretary-General of the President Nikola Selakovic, Ivica Dacic (SPS) and Dragan Markovic Palma (JS) attended the meeting at the Palace of Serbia.

Milos Jovanovic (DSS), Zoran Zivkovic (NS), Muamer Zukorlic (Partija Pravde i Pomirenja), Marko Durisic (Serbia 21), Bojan Kostres (LSV), Aleksandar Sapic (SPAS), Milan Stamatovic (Zdrava. Srbija), Istvan and Balint Pastor (SVM) and the representatives of the 1 in 5 Million Movement were also present at the meeting.

(Blic, 04.05.2020)


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